The foundation of FG Grup was established nearly 20 years ago and we’re keeping our leading position in Turkish Healthcare Sector since 2010. In 2014 FG Grup started construction of new facility, which will combine all production facilities under one roof. As FG Grup, we are excited that our new facility will be the biggest medical device production facility of not only Turkey’s but also Middle East and Asia’s with 26.000 sqm closed area in early 2015.

Within FG Grup’s corporate policy, our success is growing exponentially by expanding in global sales while making our development sustainable by adapting our past experiences to today optimally.

FG Grup has always been carried the power and experience of the past to the future while providing healthcare products to the service of medicine and humanity with advanced and innovative approaches. We have always been a model company by our activities both in domestic and global markets, our R&D and ethics.

As FG Grup, we’re underlining the importance innovation as we set one of our main goals as human healthcare above all by providing innovative and qualified products. We’re investing more and more in R&D and innovation everyday in order to reach our global goals. We’re proud to step in a new century with our biggest assets, our employees, by combining our global targets with sustainable leadership approach.