Reya Vortex is an endovascular pharmocomechanical thrombectomy system that intended for controlled and selective infusion of physician-specified thrombolytics into the clotted vessel. 
Vortex system has an interior coil system that resonates with fluid infusion which causes vibration effect . Mechanical vibration waves helps thrombolytic drug to thin the fibrin, increase porosity and push drug deep inside of thrombus.


  • Indicated for elimating thrombus in peripheral veins (DVT) and pulmonary artery (pulmonary embolism)
  • Thrombolytic therapy provides much faster and effective resolution of the clot when it compared to the IV heparin
  • Effective for the thrombuses under vein valves
  • Accelerates the thrombolysis with mechanical vibrations
  • Improves exercised based hemodynamics response by increasing the resolution of small peripheral emboli
  • Provides effective cleaning of thrombus without any damage to neither vein wall nor vein valves
Referance No Name Of product Model Contents
ATA0009 Reya thrombectomy System III 150 cm. Catheter with Micro Coil 7F diameter
ATA0010 Reya thrombectomy System IV 200 cm. Catheter with Micro Coil 7F diameter

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