Biolas VariClose is an embolization polymer that is indicated for “ablation by polymerization” of saphenous vein (vena saphena magna, valve saphenous parva) or perforator veins in Endovenous treatment of incompetent lower extremity varicose veins.
Biolas VariClose vein sealing system combines a simple procedure technique with an efficient ablation method. Physician only needs an ultrasound guidance to perform the procedure, without the necessity of surgery room, in clinic within several minutes.

VariClose offers advantages such as ease of use, shortening of the procedure time, perform in outpatient conditions, eliminating the necessity of tumescent anesthesia in thermal ablation and prevention from complications in thermal ablation (nerve damage, hematoma, rush, burn and etc.).

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  • VariClose® eliminates the necessity of “tumescent anesthesia” in thermal endovenous ablation methods
  • No need for general or spinal anesthesia
  • Easy to use compared to the different endovenous techniques
  • Eliminates numbness, skin and nerve damage complications that caused by thermal ablation methods
  • Provides immediate results after procedure
  • Short procedure time
  • No need for surgery room conditions
  • Patients can return their work and daily routines immediately

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