Reya® Thrombectomy device is indicated for mechanical declotting of clotted vessels. With its harmonic sinusoidal wave shaped active tip design, Reya® Thrombectomy offers a unique treatment standard with both mechanical and thrombolytic treatment. 

Active tip gently mixes and fragmentizes thrombus. Because of harmonic design active tip creates a vortex effects that won’t let emboli get away to distal.  In the same time infusion port, which is connected to active tip, allows TPA injection to the application area. This way thrombus dissolves with mechano-chemical effect easily. Physician can get immediate results with venography after treatment.


  • Prevents distal embolism
  • It protects the vascular wall.
  • It allows TPA and contrast agent infusion.
  • Excellent orientation.
  • Quick installation.
  • Allows thrombus aspiration
Referance No Name Of Produc Model Contents
ATA0007 Reya thrombectomy System 90 cm. Nitinol Wire Shrink
ATA0008 Reya thrombectomy System II 135 cm. Nitinol Wire Shrink

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